Monday, 26 November 2012

That Was Day Four

What better way for the film-lover than to spend a Sunday afternoon watching an excellent film in a great cinema?

This was exactly what a good number of people decided to do by coming over for the fourth day of the Romanian Film Festival in London at Renoir Cinema. And our film-lover friends were in for a treat, as they had the chance to take part in a screening of Periferic by Bogdan George Apetri. The film was followed by a Q&A session with lead actress Ana Ularu, run by Ramona Mitrica (Festival Director) and Mike Phillips (Festival Consultant).

Mike Phillips, Ana Ularu, Ramona Mitrica

Periferic, with its strong story, superb editing and direction, and a wonderful performance from Ana Ularu, complemented to perfection by the film’s cast, proved once again that “Romanians can’t make a bad film. It’s, like, illegal in their country” (Steven Zeitchik).

Like all good things, though, the Festival also needs to near its conclusion. The last screening is a special presentation of Calin Peter Netzer’s Medal of Honour, at the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development), in the heart of the City. The film features a superlative performance from one of the best-loved Romanian actors, maestro Victor Rebengiuc, who will be present for a preceding reception and a Q&A.

This event is already fully booked – a big thank you to all. Here is a trailer:

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