Sunday, 18 November 2012

All Together Now!

It’s the Sunday before the start of the Festival – T minus 4 days. It’s time to take it all in, analyse and compare some data, check some facts, print some spreadsheets…

I am proud to say the Romanian Film Festival is an event that manages to dynamise so many members of the UK Romanian community. Among our sponsors and supporters we count UK-based Romanian businesses, websites and media, all helping to spread the word about the exciting films and guests.

I like to believe that people come together on these occasions because they too feel proud of the achievements of Romanian cinema and want to honour them, and to make sure Romanian actors and film-makers get the recognition they so fully deserve.

I also believe that people like the fact that Romanian cinema is an international success story. In contrast to the overall tone of recent media coverage in Europe, the films being screened are among the few positive contributions to images of life in Eastern Europe, and provide some of the best PR available.

What better proof than this quote from a journalist reporting from Cannes a couple of years ago:
Romanians can't make a bad film. It's, like, illegal in their country. Or at least not in their DNA.” (Steven Zeitchik)

We have prepared press releases and materials in Romanian for the Romanian media, but also for the festival’s own website,

You can see our Romanian-language press release at
... and the English version is here:

Our media partners Diaspora Romaneasca, a well established and widely read Romanian weekly newspaper, published for the past three weeks a very nice Festival advert in their pages,

 … and, the best and most popular Romanian community portal published special banners and ads, and sent our press releases to their members and friends.

The online shop, a very dear Festival supporter, also sent our press releases to their subscribers.

There are many, many other publications - British and Romanian (and not only) - that mentioned the Romanian Film Festival. We have included a list of links on our website: The list is by no means complete, so, if you find other references, you are welcome to send us an e-mail with the links you discovered.

The Festival website also includes a media-press page where you can see the advertising materials put together by our team: flyers, brochures, posters, banners, bags and pens… Check them out here:
While you are at it, please take a look at the full Festival programme.

I can hardly believe the Festival starts this Thursday 22 Nov, and that it’s the ninth time this event takes place. This is the first UK festival dedicated to Romanian film and the London audience is very supportive and interested in it. The screenings are selling well (so well that the opening night is sold out!). Which reminds me - have you booked your tickets for the Festival? They are available here:

See you on the red carpet, folks!

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