Friday, 16 November 2012

Romanian Film Festival saga continues

Today was the day when all things fell into place: we began the delivery of the Festival brochures. It all started early in the morning with a discussion on the optimal course to take for the delivery. Then, together with my good friend Eugen, a peerless driver, we went on the road of Festival promotion round London.

The first stop was unplanned, when, while stuck in traffic in Harlesden, we noticed the Dracula café and restaurant, and decided on a quick visit to leave some flyers. The owners were so kind as to accept them and agreed to hand them over to their customers.

Continuing the journey, we stopped at the offices of our sponsors  DNS Associates,

... where we were received with enthusiasm for the festival project.

We continued to the offices of Front Row Sponsors, the building company EuroTop and Levenes Solicitors, where our advertising materials were also well received.

O2 and EBRD - The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development followed. And then we made our way towards the offices of Lycamobile in Canary Wharf, from where we started towards Central London.

And what a very nice surprise waited for us at Renoir! Our friends from Curzon Cinemas posted the Festival on their canopy - as can be seen below. 

It warmed the cockles of my heart, really. Just look at it - makes you feel warm inside to see this. I am sure you'd like to see the films in the Festival too. The Gala Screening of Cristian Mungiu's Beyond the Hills is sold out (I know, wow!?!), and the other films are selling well too.

Book your tickets now! You can buy them in person at the Renoir (The Brunswick, London WC1N 1AW; Tube: Russell Square), online on Curzon Cinemas’ website ( or by phone at 0330 500 1331.

See full programme on

I am now going to let you in a big secret: together with our sponsors, we are preparing a nice surprise for the Festival viewers. This is all I can reveal now.

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