Thursday 15 November 2012

All this? Ours?

Returning to the topic of Festival running around, I wanted to say that we are now at that point when we distribute the printed programmes. We have a good number of them, and they are now at the Renoir and other select locations.

Brochures, give-away posters, give-away goodies from our sponsors Lycamobile

The Festival also has beautiful pop-up banners. Here is an advance preview.
"Toamna aceasta se poarta filmul romanesc" (Romanian film: this autumn fashion)
 It's a lot of work to advertise such an important event, and it's normal to get around convincing literally anyone to come and see your films.
"You do understand this can't fail to move you, don't you?"
I mentioned earlier that the Festival screenings are selling well in advance. There’s nothing easier than booking your tickets. You can buy in person at the Renoir (The Brunswick, London WC1N 1AW; Tube: Russell Square), online on Curzon Cinemas’ website ( or by phone at 0330 500 1331.

See full programme on

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